April 21, 2002
Road Trip

We're back in Eugene and getting our heads together after a great road trip down to San Luis Obispo on California's central coast. Eugene has a reputation for rainy weather and as we left on Monday mornig it sure felt cold. The weather in SLO was a breath of fresh air and hear are a few pics to give you an idea of what happened.

Here's the bus on the campus of Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. We camped the night before and were drying our tents out on the bus.
Tents on the Bus

My view from the cooler position (sitting on the cooler behind the driver). Chris and Sean wrap up.
Chris and Sean

Sean at one of the many stops we made.

Nick bundled up in his Bhutan jacket.

The Siskiyou's (Oregon California border).
The Siskiyou's

Our bud, Jen Leo in the bus outside Susan's place.
Jen Leo

Here's the mechanical wonder that got us over the mountains and back again.
BootBus engine

Posted by Nick at April 21, 2002 05:47 PM

You guys are the shit!!! i'm sitting in my web page class and i was checking out your sites and you guys are the shit.. So i go back to learning as you guys go on growing!

Peace you guys, blake

Posted by: Blake Rogers on May 7, 2002 05:50 PM