May 22, 2002
Getting the Hands Dirty

During our weekend camping trip, the BootBus gamely made it to the top of the small mountain, belching a cloud of nasty smoke.

After much speculation from Nick, Sean and I about what could be causing the smoke we decided to risk driving it the last half mile to the trailhead. The muffler had turned a bright white colour as if it had been painted.

We made it back home the next day without incident but figured it might be time to get Tom back out to give the BootBus a tune-up. He came out yesterday and worked on it in the rainy/sunny weather that is Eugene in the Spring.

He checked the valves, replaced some spark plugs, cleaned out and replaced the gearbox oil, and replaced some old gaskets that were causing an oil leak (and possibly all that smoke on the mountain).

Tom also showed us how to change the fan belt. If that breaks and we continue to drive, we can ruin the engine within 5 miles. It's a pretty simple procedure that we can easily do ourselves which is handy since we'd likely be aways from a mechanic when it snapped.

Already Sean thinks the Bus runs a little better. Just in time for another trip to California. Hopefully we can find time for a Giants game at Pac Bell Park.

Posted by Chris at May 22, 2002 03:10 PM