June 11, 2002
Hot Writing Women, I mean

The Wild Writing Women. These women are hot and wild. (See pic below - they laugh, travel, and drink like female pirates) So we got into town, just in time for Jen to participate in her writer's group book reading at Get Lost book store.

The reading was funny. I laughed a few times, pretty hard in fact. There stories all were about travel and had elements of coagulated escargot, taking a lash while rock climbing, and getting "hit on" during her honeymoon. It all made for interesting stuff. But not nearly as interesting as drinks after....

WWW women - ready to rage (this is only 1/2 of them)

Oh yeah, shortly after arriving, Boots member and future RTW traveler Amy Scott introduced herself to me. We jabbered away before the WWW book reading started and she also came out for drinks and chatting. Amy got me all juiced up about here RTW trip that she is planning with boyfriend Juan. She also committed to sending in some travel pieces on SF. (Hint, hint)

Nothing like hangin out with a bunch of travel motivated folks. Little did I know that the next day, Bootbus troubles would limit the number of other BootsnAll member meet-ups. Damn.

Posted by Sean at June 11, 2002 10:10 PM