June 13, 2002
Trying to get the bus "fixed"

The next morning, JenLeo came back out with me in an attempt to get the bus fixed. After some Corte Madera cop, helped me push the bus to the local Chevron, the gas station dudes had a look at it. Well, whatever they did, really did not help and Jen and I got the BootBus towed thanks to her Verizon Wireless free towing service.

Coby, from Valley Wagon Works (yeah no website, we are working with Coby to try and get him a functional website) was the man to work on it. This guy has about 25 VW buses in his parking lot, so he seemed to be da man for this situation.

Pick-up for the van, is friday - so Jen and I still had a chance to meet up for some beers at Jupiter in Berkeley with Jennifer and Bob Colvin in Oakland.

Posted by Sean at June 13, 2002 11:09 PM