September 26, 2002
BootBus Todo for tonight

Chris and I are bringing the BootBus up to our Mates place for some serious repariing and upgrading tonight in prepartion of the Campus Crawl

BootBus todo.

1 - Add an extra Battery in Back
2 - Add an isolater for that extra Battery
3 - Build it so there is a lighter plug (inside bus) for inverter(s)

More Electrical Stuff
4 - Fix Turn Signals - currently don't work - my arm is tired of manual signalling
5 - Fix Horn - never has worked
6 - Adjust lights under speedometer etc so it is easier to see.
7 - Add the Stereo, amp?. and definately speakers. - Nick and I will probably run out of things to talk about over 3000 miles.
8 - Interior ceiling light - fix it
9 - Temperature gauge - fix it

Posted by Sean at September 26, 2002 11:12 AM