September 27, 2002
Pump up the Volume

As far as the todo list went, we checked off 4 out of 9 items. And as Jon said at the end of the evening, "We did all the fun stuff, next time we'll take care of the crappy stuff."

Jon and Tony were hard at work again on the BootBus, installing a second battery, an isolater for that extra battery and two lighter plugs so we can charge up laptops, cell phones, powerpacks, small cities while we're cruising along.

Photo: The extra battery and isolater.
The VW bus was the only vehicle that this isolater's instruction sheet advised you to call their helpline before installing, but Tony's an electrical genius and figured it out.

We also had a visit from Jon's daughter, Emily. She was a little shy but we convinced her to have a photo taken in the BootBus.

You might be wondering where the fun part is. Well, Tony gave us a great deal on a stereo and Jon went shopping for some speakers and the BootBus now has tunes. Important if you're considering a 3000 mile journey in a loud, cold vehicle with only Nick and Sean for company!

The stereo posed some initial problems fitting in the BootBus dash, but Jon was not to be denied and sparks flew (photo) as he used a number of tools to get the job done.

But the biggest score of the evening had to be the speakers. Jon saw these in the store and just knew they had to go in the BootBus. These things are massive and kick out some serious noise (photo). But that's not all, oh no. These babies pulse blue neon to the beat. Check this out!

Like Ant said this morning when we showed him the newly decked out BootBus, "Once we install the nitro, we'll be racing for pinks out in Springtucky."

Posted by Chris at September 27, 2002 08:31 AM

Instead of "BootsnAll is on the road in the BootBus", we'll have to get a new sticker that says "BootsnAll is big-pimpin in the BootBus"!

Posted by: Ant on September 27, 2002 08:48 AM

So much for my seat! :-)

I can't wait to take a ride in the BootieBus. Have to get you guys some zootsuits and feathers for your caps! I'll call Willie Brown and have him get you outfitted at his hat store when you get to SF. When's the dance party?!

Posted by: Jen on September 27, 2002 11:44 AM