October 02, 2002
Lazy Leo - Camping pic

Nick, Chris and I are sitting here @ the office - it's like 10:15 p.m. and we are currently listening to U2 - Zooropa after watching the Yankees get beat by the Angels in games 2 of the division series. It's always great to see the Yankees lose.

WE are all just surfing and doing a little bit of nothing/something. I started looking at pictures from our BootBus roadtrip to Fall Creek this past weekend. Here is a great one of Jen Leo helping us set-up camp.

Lazy Leo

It was a great time actually and the new BootBus stereo provided great background music as we drank Miller Lite and talked about Travel, Technology, Blogging, and a whole range of stuff around the fire.

Posted by Sean at October 02, 2002 07:38 PM