October 17, 2002
Ramping Up - Bigtime

We are just less than 72 hours from leaving on the Campus Crawl. Old BootsnAll members are in touch with us and ready to meet up. I am freakin' jacked up to meet them as well.

Food - Nick and I are packing a cooler so to sustain ourselves and save cash. Remember the 3 biggest expenses to traveling:

1 - Transport
2 - Food
3 - Accomodation

The cooler will help control costs on food. The Bootbus, well let's hope it takes care of the transport part, and accomodation, BootsnAll members are helping us out here. So I reckon we are pretty close to being ready. Now...on to the 200 emails in me inbox!

Posted by Sean at October 17, 2002 11:55 AM