October 20, 2002
The last Hurrah

Since we won't be seeing Sean and Nick around for the next 26 days, we decided to have a little party to say goodbye and kick start their trip on the right note.

With some tunes pumping out of the bus, and beers in hand, Sean, Nick, Ant, Jen Leo and I discussed how we were going to fit all the gear into the back of the bus and still be able to see out the back window (not to mention get it up the mountains).

Our friends, Scott, Jessica and Angela showed up, followed shortly after by our intern, Megan (another classic photo, Megan) and her roommate, Sandy.

Later on, we were joined by Dr. Oram, who is a naturopathic physician and a great fan of the BootBrew. Hey, if it gets the doctor's seal of approval, it's good enough for me.

Grant and Toni stopped by as well and we all talked politics 'til the sun went down.

A couple more photos:
Well, at least the bus is facing the camera

Dr. Oram

Posted by Chris at October 20, 2002 09:05 AM