October 20, 2002
The long and winding road

Nick and Sean left this morning just before midday. All the gear in the bus packed up surprisingly well. I think we were all amazed at how much room was left over. The challenge will be to keep everything in its place (we want photos every day, fellas).

There was the usual last minute running around, making sure all the stuff was packed. However, there was none of the panic and chaos that sometimes ensues before leaving for a road trip. Thanks to the efforts of Sean and Jen Leo in compiling exhaustive lists it was simply a matter of checking everything off.

A fully packed bus

In a typical BootBus moment, just as the lads were about to pull away (in a choking cloud of oil smoke, BTW), I spotted a pair of calipers stuck the underside of the bus. Tom, the VW guy, must have left them there by accident.

It was kinda sad to see the boyz drive off. It'll be almost a month before we see them again. But it's very cool too. We've wanted to do something like this for a few years and now it's actually a reality.

Sean and Nick

Sean, Nick and their trusty steed

The boys will reach Chico tonight and set up shop at Cal State Chico on Monday morning. They'll be there all day so if you're in Chico, drop by the BMU on campus and say g'day.

Posted by Chris at October 20, 2002 03:02 PM