October 20, 2002
Mile marker 80 reststop

Mile marker 80 reststop. The Bootbus made its first reststop at milemarker 80. We gotinto our sandwich making gear and whipped up a couple of cheese, turkey, avo, hummus sandwiches. A couple of dodgey looking characters parked next to us, one guy with some knarly spider web tats and the other his side kick. They were panhaddling and not doing to well.

The bus is running good and so am I after a slow start today...blame it on the BootBrew.

Heeding Dr Oram's advice I picked up a bag of garlic earlier and will be taking a dose bwefore going to bed. We've got Chico State tommorrow and it will be cool to meet some new people.

Sean is drivving right now, maybe I'll do some later.

Posted by Nick at October 20, 2002 03:25 PM