October 21, 2002
Mid-Day at Chico State

The Governor of California is speaking on Campus at 12:30 p.m. today (now) - so the area we are in is dead...but the folks that we have met so far are really into travel. Nick and I are having fun talking to them and hearing about there dreams and travel desires.

In other news, I talked to Tom, out VW mechanic and he suggested a solution to the starter problem so I will give it a go at the end of the day.

A funny moment to remember....Nick and I were carting our stuff over to the BMU (Like EMU at U of O) and 1/2 across a busy street at 8 in the morning...all of our shit came off our cheap arse trolly. We were already kinda cussing ourselves since it's so heavy and kind of a pain to move. A very humbling experience...that is what I like about this trip and traveling...it's humbling. I mean, I know I don't know everything, but when the Bus won't start and I spill stuff in the middle of the street...I definately know it.

Posted by Sean at October 21, 2002 12:04 PM