October 22, 2002

Yesterday we visited Chico state college and were impressed by the friendly and attractive people that we met. Our place on campus was not busy enough for us to stay another day so we're heading out today.

We met Patrick ( brother of Andy, acquaintance of Ant who hung out with us for a while.

Patrick ( techno wiz!)

Ashley and Alex were super cool and let us camp out for the last 2 nights so we took them out to Olive Garden last night. As we were pulling up I said to Alex this place is like your Mom's in Redwood City, because when you're here your family.

Alex and Ashley this morning.

We passed the Sierra Nevada brewey which has to be the daddy of micro breweries. The place is amazing but they were having a special event so we couldn't get in there.

Sierra Nevada

Today we're heading to Berkeley dude and looking forward to meeting the folks down there. In about 15 minutes we're going to have to push the bus to get going ( did this in rush hour traffic last night ), who says you can't stay in shape on the road.

Posted by Nick at October 22, 2002 08:01 AM

Tell all those Berkeley-ites that everyone in "Berkeley North" (their nickname for Eugene) says heya!

Posted by: Ant on October 22, 2002 08:53 AM