October 22, 2002
Poet or Mechanic

Tom called me yesterday with instructions on how to fix our starter problem - so while Nick brought you up to date with the last blog - I was attempting to fix the starter. There were 2 loose (sp?) cords hanging from it. After some experimentation, I figured out were the pone clicks into place, but not the other. So we will be push starting again as Nick mentioned previously.

In other news, the weather is "bloody lovely mate" 70 F - and sunny. Very nice - I imagine better than Oregon is now.

Why did I call this blog post "Poet or Mechanic" - I really don't know - when I started it I was thinking of Poetry Slams ( I went to one last week with Ant, and Alex and Ashley are fond of them as well ), and I was attempting to be a mechanic just now. I thought I could be, like, clever and tie them together. Another humbling experience.

Posted by Sean at October 22, 2002 08:45 AM