October 23, 2002
The Art of a Push Start

We have had to push start the BootBus almost 10 times in the first 72 hours of the trip...so I wanted to offer a few tips if it ever happens to you:

1 - If there are 2 people in the bus, and you only need to stop quickly for a loaf of bread or something at Raley's...keep the bus running in the parking lot while one person runs in for the goods.

2 - When you do have to park, make sure you park in a place that offers a good "runway", for when you need to start her up again. If you are facing uphill, or don't have enough space to push, get momentum, and pop the clutch in 2nd...it could be like trying to take off on an aircraft carrier, but you fall into the ocean cuz you don't have enough legs under you.

3 - Don't panic. Yes, if you are used to a faster car, it can be a bit nerve racking in traffic to push start - but folks know about VW's - they don't seem to care too much and just go around you. So relax.

Posted by Sean at October 23, 2002 08:08 AM