October 23, 2002
UC Berkeley - midday update

Joe E. and I are in the library checking email and stuff. Nick is out putting up BootsnAll flyers for our Around the World Ticket Contest. We are all gonna meet at the Albatross (as stated below) in the next few hours - but first - we'll pick up the BootBus from the BusLab - no website for them unfortunately.

The day is overcast and the students here are activist oriented. The steps near one for the main buildings has a microphone and someone is yelling stuff out of it. It kinda sounds like poetry - maybe it is a poetry slam. Then there are dozens of tables of student groups - all there promoting their stuff and their causes. One guy was sitting next to a tree with a sign about protecting animal's rights. It really is interesting to see all the varied interests of folks in this world. So travel, learning and people are important to me. But it is still cool to see what is important to other people - like animal rights.

Peace from Berkeley.

Posted by Sean at October 23, 2002 02:57 PM