October 24, 2002
San Francisco State University

Nick and I are currently at San Francisco State University. It is a very cool place - both weather-wise and the folks around here.

1 - It's very diverse - seems like a meeting at the United Nations - I love it.

2 - Techno crazy - we are near the quad - and some DJ's are blasting some techno.

3 - It's windy - we had to take down a banner cuz we were about to fly away with it up.

4 - We actually met someone that knew us already. Normally, when people come up to the booth - I go through my spiel - and it starts with, "have you ever heard of BootsnAll - we have been around for 4 years" - and some fine young lady said yes, I have....usually it is "no" - and that is why we are out here doing this.

Posted by Sean at October 24, 2002 01:13 PM