October 24, 2002
My take on the Universities so far

Here's my take on the places we've visited so far.

First campus, Chico State, had a feeling similar to the UO, except the weather was better. Fairly decent amount of students, definitely showing it off but you could tell there were serious people on board.

Berkeley. A high concentration of smart people. Yes there's the alternative / radical element here but the size of the chemistry, engineering and physics labs has to tell you these folks aren't kidding.

SF State is a pretty small campus and feels like LCC, our local junior college in
Eugene. No doubt there's good stuff here too, but it isn't as stressed or as happening as the UO.

Posted by Nick at October 24, 2002 08:19 PM

Update : 10/28 UCLA.

This is by far the best campus so far, great location, site, weather, buildings and quality school.

Cal Poly ( SLO ) is a pleasant ebnough place but doesn't have the history of the older places.

UCSB is a very nice campus without the size or repution of UCLA.

We'll see how USC compares tommorrow.

Posted by: Nick on October 28, 2002 12:27 PM