October 26, 2002
After the Dust Settled, 7 men lay dead

The title was from a line in some skit I did in freshman year of High School...and it keeps going through my head this morning. Here's why:

We had a great time at the BootsnAll Party last night. I will post traveler profiles about as many people as I can remember when I get a proper chance.

Afterward, 9 of us (Nick, Jim Pilaar, Rakesh, Rebecca, Amy Scott, Dominic, Matt, Tara Weaver, and I) when out to a place called "Original Joe's". Dominic was raving about the special - aptly named "Joe's Special" - it consists of a pound of minced ground beef, spinach, eggs, mushrooms, onions and a ton of grease.

Nick and I both had it and came down with a case of Delhi Belly because of it. I found myself in the bathroom at 4:30 and 7:30 a.m. - with a feeling that I was gonna toss it all. But I held on and just got back from Jamba Juice and a 2 oz. shot of Wheatgrass to clean me out.

As Nick said, "The next dump I take is gonna be freakin' unbelievable." I agree.

Posted by Sean at October 26, 2002 09:58 AM