October 26, 2002
Wrap up in San Francisco

Just wrote a long entry and hit a button by mistake, it vanished and we're leaving SF for SLO in a few minutes.

Last night was great with with all the folks associated with BootsnAll. We left a ton of beer in our keg and had a fun gathering at a local restaurant, discussing such topics as world travel, movies, 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon and what GW is doing to the world.

Tara has gone to an anti-war demo today downtown and it was great to have her come with us last night.

Sun is coming out and we're going to enjoy our ride down to SLO. Hope to flyer that campus today and camp at Pismo Beach. Joe E. is driving down in his '71 bus to camp and hang out as well.


Posted by Nick at October 26, 2002 10:17 AM