October 27, 2002
Anatomy of a Road Trip

We are currently one week into our 26 day Campus Crawl. And I just got on to thinking about how these trips go sometimes, especially in relation to a travel companion.

For example: when we left last Sunday, Nick and I had loads to talk about. What we were gonna do, where we were going, how excited we were, etc. The past few days, I find the conversations limited. We are still getting along fabulously, but there will be long stretches of no conversation and just blank stares on our faces...a total contrast to a week ago.

I guess it is the rhythm of traveling. I like it. Especially in the Bootbus, since we go so slowly. I have extra time to think and look at stuff. Watch the signs, look at people's faces, wonder what their life is all about...

Posted by Sean at October 27, 2002 11:46 AM

Sounds like the rhythm of life! From all talk - to little - to a comfortable balance.

Posted by: Mary on October 28, 2002 01:45 PM