October 27, 2002
Kathleen Means - BootsnAll SF Party

Kathleen Means - works in PR for Interwoven. She was a dot com-er and I guess still is. At one point she was a paper millionaire (not anymore though)....She will be going to Costa Rica for 3 weeks before the end of this year. She says BootsnAll helps keep her sane, being that she works in High Tech PR, it is stressful. A visit to our site in the middle of the day provides relief.

She also provided some sweet arse PR tips for BootsnAll...you know the story - paper routes, folding towels, etc. Of course the story ain't over yet...but, a lot of folks just don't know about us at all...they think travelocity or priceline are travel websites...well, I don't want to be cocky, and I think we have so much to improve on, but I like sites like BootsnAll a lot better than the big boys. I wanna stay small, hungry and traveling, learning, growing. Where am I going with this...back to Kathleen.

Nick recalled a Scariest Travel Moment conversation that was led by Kathleen at the party- she asked, "What was your scariest Travel Moment?"

Joe (we'll do his profile later) shared this: On a jet plane in Brazil, where his jet had to abort a landing....he later found out that his plane almost landed on top of another.

Nick shared his drowning story. He got taken out by a riptide in Aussie surf - went under and thought to himself, damn - this is it...just then a Golden Haired Aussie lifesaver rescued him from the surf.

Joe has also been on Jet planes that have flipped upside down...nice one!

Kathleen: a plane was hijacked in the Middle East a few years ago - a couple of her friends were on this plane. The hijackers crashed the plane into the ocean and her friend died....so it kinda went from scary to just plain sad.

Kathleen was super cool, friendly and we appreciate her support.

Posted by Sean at October 27, 2002 12:57 PM