October 28, 2002
LA traffic

LA is famous for its traffic and tonight I was re introduced. Sean is in Texas at a meeting and I spent the day plastering the campus of UCLA with our flyers. At about 7.30pm I left UCLA which is located in Westwood and headed for the home of Seth and Leigh in Burbank. Leigh gave me precise instructions over the phone and off I went. After figuring out where Wilshire Blvd was and trying not to stall the bus I headed to the 405 north, traffic was heavy and after several miles came to a crawl. I could feel the smog in the back of my throat.

From the 405 I took the 101 south and at the interchange it was time to get flying. Traffic was moving at about 75 mph and people were cutting across lanes galore. The bus only wants to go 60mph and to make it worse I had to be in the fast lane for the switch to the 134 east. Making that I found Pass Rd exit, then did a right, left, left ,right to the house.....simple for a Los Angeloan, a wild ride for me. Seriously tis town is a giant suburb surrounded by a racetrack.

Sean and I had disscussions about the transit systyem and agree the car is the worst way to go.

Posted by Nick at October 28, 2002 10:34 PM