October 30, 2002
Tara Weaver - SF BootsnAll Party

Tara Weaver - Tara is an old friend of BootsnAll and a up and coming travel writer. She hasn't written for BootsnAll (that's ok, we still like her), but she is currently in grad school to work on her writing degree. She has already edited a book (her name is on the cover) Tuscany - a Tuscany Travel Guide.

Travel history -she worked in Japan as an Enlgish teacher for 5 years - and via that, she travelled a lot around Asia. She has lots of cool stories about the experience.

Other Stuff about her: She like hiking, camping, and is just a generally nice chic. She also has let me stay with her twice while in SF. Thanks Tara.

Posted by Sean at October 30, 2002 02:20 PM