October 31, 2002
Road Rules in LA

Tonight, while on the way to meet Delara and her mom for a drink we hit severe LA traffic. Sean said it was the worst he'd ever seen and we had a couple of little moments. The first was going from the 405 freeway to the 101. The on ramp was backed up and we had to stop on an incline. The bus stalled and I had to get underneath it with my flashlight to plug in the starter cable.

Another time we were making a right turn under a flyover and got partially across the stopped oncoming lane, when the light turned green and we had cars coming straight at us and all pissed off. It was madness! Down here people are in a hurry and if you don't know where you're going and pay attention you can end up going in the wrong direction.

Got some good video footage of this period.

Posted by Nick at October 31, 2002 07:48 PM