November 01, 2002
Seth & Leigh

Sean and I were fortunate to meet and stay with Seth and Leigh (picture is Seth and Leigh, Socks and Easter are the dogs - they got up and waved good-bye to us at 6:45 this morning as we head off into LA's finest), Jen Leo's friends from the USC marching band. Both are excellent people, very relaxed and good vibes. Seth works in the music industry editing and mastering recordings for such places as Capitol records. Right now he's working on a project for/with Barry Manilow.

Leigh works on the USC campus and is an actor (she said you have to be a diva to be an actress). Leigh loves to chat and I can imagine the chatter that goes on when her and Jen are together. She knows the LA traffic scene better than the highway patrol and can tell where, when and how much traffic there will be.

I hope they visit us in Bali it would be a lot of fun to show them around.

Posted by Nick at November 01, 2002 06:42 AM