November 01, 2002
Packing the van

The best way to learn is by doing. One thing we've been doing a lot is packing the bus. Last Saturday we bought 3 large plastic boxes at Home Depot. These have already proven their worth and we will pick up more in future. We use one for the 2 laptops / 2 cameras all inside the PacSafe, one for electronic gear and one for some of our paper stuff. That combined with our new cart allows us to stack stuff and wheel it fairly easily around. See we're not so dumb.

I'm thinking, having a box for each of our clothes would be a great way to keep them in good shape for this sort of trip.

On the beer front, we've only given away one 6 pack. I guess that means this weekend could be a lot of fun.

Posted by Nick at November 01, 2002 03:00 PM