November 04, 2002
1/2 way - I want your feedback

Today is the approximate 1/2 way mark of our Campus Crawl. Nick and I had a lengthy discussion yesterday about how to evaluate the effectiveness of what we are doing, and what we can do better in the 2nd half of this as well as what we can do better in subsequent Campus Crawls. We came up with some good ideas...the biggest one is....

We gotta get wireless/Satellite internet access in the BootBus (If you are from a provider of this and want to sponsor us - call me!). There are so many times that we could post interesting stuff to the site while we are hanging out and talking to would make the blog component way better we think. Which leads me to my question and your participation in this thing...

Question: What do you like about the website? Yes, tell me what type of entries you like, and which ones bore the piss out of you/you don't like. Be specific. I want the truth and your opinion. Don't sugar coat it. I can take it. If you want to be anonymous, just enter for your e-mail address. (I post dated this post so it will stay on top for a few days....ok, now click on the "add comments" link just below here and let us know...yes - come on, you can do it )

Posted by Sean at November 04, 2002 10:08 PM

How about more information on the landscape and geography as you move along. Some history would be good too.

Any particular reason your trip is called "campus crawl", or have I missed some information?

Posted by: Mary on November 2, 2002 08:22 AM

Where are the "Campus girls gone wild in the BOOTBUS" For those of us at home?

Posted by: PIG on November 2, 2002 09:10 PM

More posts, even if short, on interesting people you meet on or off-campus would be good. It would help show how you're talking with people, help us readers get a better idea of who out there is interested in indie travel, BootsnAll, etc.

Hearing more about the campuses and the cities would be interesting too, and while there's been a decent bit on the cities front, with the exception of Berkeley there hasn't been as much on the campuses. What are these students like? Why do they want to travel? What gets under their skin?

Posted by: Ant on November 4, 2002 04:21 PM

Campus girls in the bus would be great except there's no place to fit them. With our booth, electrical equipment, flyers, baggage and junk you can't even lay down.

Anyway Sean and particularly myself look more like their dads than peers anymore. Fun to think about though.

Posted by: Nick on November 5, 2002 12:00 PM

I'm enjoying the updates, guys. You've done a great job of posting regularly and it's always fun to hear about the latest peccadillo of the BootBus.

One thing I'd like is whenever you guys do a big update, send out a notifier with the last one. I check every day anyway, but a reminder never hurts either.

Posted by: Chris on November 5, 2002 04:32 PM