November 05, 2002

We've met a ton of students so far on this campus crawl. They share many things in common and yet have their differnces. I find the higher level of school - USC, UCLA, Berkeley...they seem focused and more serious about their studies, they ask intelligent questions and seem to have less time for hanging around. Some of the other places we've been, SF State, Cal State Northridge, San Diego State - the whole vibe is of a younger crowd, less serious and more focused on the 'California scene'. Of course those are huge generalizations, but I do see them.

As far as people who have visited us at the booth, the most interested seem to be students who have either lived abroad, are seniors and who are planning a long overseas trip or a study abroad program. I think working with the study abroad people plus the journalism intern director for each school could be key in future.

Posted by Nick at November 05, 2002 11:44 AM