November 05, 2002
San Diego

Sean and I have been commenting how San Diego is far more pleasant than LA. The traffic doesn't feel oppressive, the air quality is better and the town actually has a center. Last night we plastered San Diego State for a few hours and that campus is awesome....34,000 students and plenty of new development.

The weather here is about 75f, sunny, though cool in the shade. Sean and I both got a dose of sun yesterday after manning the booth at S.D university (a Jesuit school and situated on one side of a canyon, lovely site with elegant buildings).

Today we drove from Heather Lauer's house which is 10 blocks from the beach to a Home Depot, close to a section of Sea World on Mission Bay. As we drove over the bridge the morning fog was thick and we could hardly see the water. Coming back the blue sky has broken through and it wasn't long before the mist had totally disappeared. I really appreciate being close to the ocean for the fresh mornings, something I got used to in Santa Barbara.

San Diego has a tram system which I like. I've visited other cities with trams, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Oostend, Melbourne, SF etc and think they add something.

Wish we had more time and better internet access then we could post up more photos. Next campus crawl we'll have to work on that.

Posted by Nick at November 05, 2002 11:56 AM

If you guys make one more disparaging comment about LA, you're going to get spanked. Studies have shown that 99.9% of LA smog is caused by out-of-towners driving vehicles that backfire.

Great seeing you in SD last weekend. Have a safe trip back!

Posted by: Laurie on November 6, 2002 11:45 AM