November 06, 2002
Loving San Diego - Dreading L.A.

We left San Diego after only 48 hours or so in the city. We really enjoyed San Diego. The sun, big highways with very little traffic, more relaxed vibe. All the Universities rocked and it was sad to leave...especially since we were heading back to L.A. After being here all last week - we were in a stoned state on the way up here, just dreading the traffic and smog. No offense if you live in L.A., but I would never ever want to live here...

Worst things about L.A. (in case you haven't heard it before)

1 - Trafffffficcccc
2 - Smog, cough cough
3 - Lakers
4 - Kobe (he's a wanna be)
5 - Shaq (fat arse, I can beat him in one-on one)
6 - Phil Jackson (I am a Bulls fan - he's a freaking traitor)
7 - Where's downtown again?
8 - Suburbs everywhere
9 - There's probably more - oh yeah
10 - Cal-State Northridge

Good things about L.A.

1 - Seth and Leigh
2 - I think a lot of movies that I like get made out here.
3 - Culturally diverse
4 - Tasty Thai (great Thai restaurant Nick and I ate at)
5 - USC
6 - Cal-State Fullerton
7 - Michael (cool vendor at Cal-State Fullerton - he bought Nick and I a smoothie as a well of welcoming us to CSFullerton - wow)
7b - the people I meet are just like me in many ways...when you get a chance to talk to them in traffic jams, they are friendly.
8 - There's probably more

Posted by Sean at November 06, 2002 01:34 PM