November 06, 2002
What year is your van?

When we are able to have our van in our booth (like we do here at Cal-State Fullerton), we get that question about a 1/2 dozen times per day. Other VW van owners and past owners take a special interest in our van and we usually have time to swap stories like...

"yeah, it's fun taken her up the mountain at 30 mph"

"yeah, mine eats oil of breakfest, Lunch and dinner as well"

Someone asked today,

"Do you know where one like yours might be for sale?"

"Nope I don't - I think ours is one of a kind."

Still others think that we are raffling off the van (people don't always read, heck I don't and I can see how they assume that)

"I can win that van?!?!?"

Nick and I have been taking a lot of Digital Video footage of stuff like this....hopefully one day it'll be useful and maybe a bit interesting to some folks.

Posted by Sean at November 06, 2002 01:49 PM

That's awesome - can you imagine winning something like that BootBus? As long as it had the pimpin sound system and our vee-dub guy on-call, hey, it could be sweet!

I guess we do know another thing we can try giving away sometime though... wanna travel? Roadtrip... with your new car from!


Posted by: Ant on November 7, 2002 12:58 PM