November 06, 2002
Fullerton, California

Our low energy for Fullerton was unfounded. Today we got up from our campsite, about a 20 minute drive away, hit almost freeflowing traffic, found a great breakfast deal for $2.99 and got a great booth position!!! Today has been great and people have been friendly. We've told a ton of people about BootsnAll and given them the chance to win the RTW ticket. Definitely going to come back here tomorrow.

Sean and I are looking forward to this trip winding up and I'm thinking our second week was the most taxing so far. For future trips, days off have to be scheduled in. Both of us were getting sick in LA but are okay now, thanks to some rest, dosing on Jamba Juice and garlic.

We'll probably wrap up today at 5pm as night classes go till 6.45pm and its deadville. I talked to plenty of students who were heading to London to study as well as Australia.

Fullerton is located 5 miles NE of Disneyland. It is in greater LA but also in Orange County. The terrain around here seems dry and relatively flat although California has numerous canyons.

Our campsite was on the edge of a state park, as Sean mentioned previously, but right next to a freeway so the noise of the traffic went on all night. Fortunately we were too tired to care. I kept my knife next to me all night as I slept outside and LA has more than its share of wackos.

Tonight will be relaxing hopefully.

Posted by Nick at November 06, 2002 04:17 PM

good post. like the insight.

Posted by: Jen on November 8, 2002 09:43 AM