November 06, 2002
I guess that's why they call you bitch!

We have experimented with different types of music playing in the BootBus while our booth is "going on" - and by far and away, Tupac Shakur seems to generate the most folks walking up to the booth. In fact, this afternoon, when the song, I guess that's why they call you bitch!, started up, so did a few more interested parties. As the song started, Nick was seen waving both hands above his head to the beat. Kinda funny to see an older dude rock out to rap. I reckon the melodic and rhythmic beat and rhymes suck people in.

Maybe it is a coincidence, maybe it's not. But people definitely like Tupac and comment about it more frequently than anything else.

Top Music for Campus Crawl 2002 - Fall. (based on a random survey and comments from booth goers)

1 - Tupac Shakur
2 - Dave Matthews
3 - U2
4 - Random Techno Stuff

Posted by Sean at November 06, 2002 04:52 PM