November 07, 2002
Caliornia Lifestyle for Students

The past few weeks we have spent most of our waking hours on a SoCal campus. And now that we are leaving today (after we finish our booth at Cal-State Fullerton today), I am thinking about all the cool things about being a student in SoCal.

1 - Weather - it is nice, very nice...I can't imagine having the sun and pleasant weather all year - Hell, I went to Uni in the midwest, and we had about 2 weeks of nice weather all school the very beginning and at the very end.

2 - Cafes and internet access everywhere - there are coffee stops all over the place...every courtyard has a expresso bar and comfortable seating among trees. There is also internet access in almost every building. This combined with the weather make it very pleasant. Almost all students are carrying a coffee and have a relaxed demeanor about them.

3 - That's it - i can't think of any more...but despite our rantings on LA the city - being a student down here could be fun, especially if you lived on campus and did not have to deal with traffic!

Posted by Sean at November 07, 2002 10:09 AM

I like this post. :-)

Posted by: Jen on November 8, 2002 09:41 AM