November 07, 2002
Fumar Cigarettos con Estudiates

"to smoke Cigarettes with Students" en espanol or something like that.

Did those joe camel ads a few years ago work that well? It is unbelievable how many students walk past our booth smoking a big phat cigarette like they are James Dean or something. Did they not see the movies that I saw in grade school with the guy that has no voice box and has to burb to talk. Or how poisonious the stuff is?

I just do not understand why they do? I am glad that they have the freedom todo so, but why?

Anytime I think of smoking, it brings me back to my old friend Brian and when we were in Collegio (spanish for college). He would comment about the girls that smoked...if I was possibly interested in one of them, he would remind me,

"Keener, why would you want to kiss an ashtray?"

Posted by Sean at November 07, 2002 01:38 PM

Yesterday on campus here at Fullerton I was in the chemistry department and they had a great poster on smoking. It was about 3ft by 1ft and was a giant photo of a cigarette. Along it were many small icons representing some of the chemicals in cigarettes including lead, formaldihyde, arsenic etc. There's even a chemical added that makes the absorbtion of ncotine and other chemicals work better....Mmm sounds very appealing.

Posted by: Nick on November 7, 2002 03:55 PM