November 07, 2002
Orange County

The campus at Fullerton is in greater LA but also in Orange County, which developed as a bedroom community for LA. THe demographic here is white middle class with some Asians chucked in. My friend Jay spent part of his youth in Mission Viejo, a planned community to the south, where each house was part of a giant color scheme and you weren't allowed to hang washing outside. Orange County is a conservative area which always votes Republican and enjoys a higher than average per capita income. San Clemente and Irvine are also included in this area.

I remember visiting Orange Country first in 1987 and thinking it was heaven, good looking people, great weather, lovely houses. After getting to know what life was like through my buddy Jay I came to think that too much planning and fake communities aren't the best way to go either. I also remember attending a block party in Chicago where my friend said 'man look at this, its a crappy neighborhood but everyone's out here enjoying themselves....never happen in Orange County'.

I like a bit of the old and a bit of the new.

Posted by Nick at November 07, 2002 04:05 PM