November 09, 2002
Comida Mexicano

After a large breakfast in Pismo Beach at Margies diner, the guys and I decided that the only proper way to follow this up would be a large lunch in King City. Joe took us to one of his favourite restaurants which was a traditional Mexican place. The waitress was charming and provided us with hot salsa and chips while waiting for us to order. Sean was doing his best to butcher the Spanish language and was politely corrected. Joe recommended the bistek ranchero which he himself got (beans, rice, tortillas, chunks of beef in a special red sauce). I got the chili verde (pork chunks in a green sauce with the extras). Sean got some kind of salad, shrimp, french fry concoction that had a long, peculiar name. For myself I had only an inkling of what I was was cool.

Here's some pics.

This is our menu.

Joe getting ready for Bistek Ranchero

Sean eager for lunch

The restaurant

Posted by Nick at November 09, 2002 05:53 PM