November 09, 2002
King City

It's Saturday night and we are camping in King City with our buddy Joe E (he's not a rapper he's just cool). Joe knows the central coast like the back of a VW van and King City is a great place to stop on a road trip through Cali. The town is small relaxed, and serves an agricultural area. The population includes many Mexican migrant workers although that's not the only thing going on here. We spotted quite a few decent shops and a bank which shows there is some growth.

Weather is absolutely fabulous with clear blue skies, wispy clouds and brilliant colors on the side of the road from the different crops. We passed rows of what looked like grapevines and they were yellow / orange in color. Sean commented how lovely this last drive was and the campsite is cool too. In fact, we occupy the exact same spot as Joe did last week when he got towed...his firewood still around the fire pit.

We set up camp, Sean in his tent complete with inflatable mattress, Joe in his camper and me in my bivvy bag. Joe's oil lanterns were a hit once again and this evening's treats were a bottle of red wine for Joe and Guinness for Sean and I.

This was a great idea and I strongly recommend the central coast to other travelers.

King City campsite

The famous bivy sack

Posted by Nick at November 09, 2002 09:45 PM