November 10, 2002

David is the friendly guy who pulled over to the side of the road yesterday in his VW rabbit and helped us out for a few hours. I don't know much about him, but I will share what I do know.

Stuff about him: He has owned a VW van or 2 in his life and he is very comfortable working in them. After he went home and changed out of his church clothes and came back with suitable rags for working with our oil wreck, he got right into it and within 15 seconds diagnosed our gas line leak.

He is married with a daughter and used to work in the lumber business. About 14 months ago he thankfully received a kidney transplant and the doctors say he shouldn't work in the sun anymore cuz the meds he's on make it 10 times more likely that he will get sun cancer.

There is that special something about David. This guy really went out of his way to help us. He met us after church, went home to change and get his clothes and tools, then left and came back again with a new gas line. And Nick and I were not begging him to do this, he just has that honest to goodness helpfulness about him. Nick and I were saying that Karma was paying us back.

Coolness under pressure: When David was changing out the gas lines, he had to disconnect the line...and gas was spurting here and there, through no fault of his own since our tank was full. At one point, the gas squirted in his eye. Now, that hurts and burns. But David stayed cool under pressure. Instead of jumping up and letting his finger off the gas line (which would have really opened up the flood gates) - he closed his eye, kept his finger on the line. Nick and I grabbed a towel and some water and flushed his eye out while he leaned back (while still keeping his finger on the gas line). He was fine and got back to it. Definately cool under pressure.

Thanks for your help David and we were lucky to meet such a friendly and kind individual.

Posted by Sean at November 10, 2002 08:04 PM

I agree. There "is" something very special about David. You may say he's rare, but I wonder.... These are the people we don't hear of or read about often enough. And they surely do exist. And they inspire us. They boost our energy and re-establish our faith in the goodness of a human being. To me the moral of this is that a kind act can be karma (as Nick said). It can also be the lever that pulls forward a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual need to action.

Thanks, David, and all your like.

Posted by: Mary on November 11, 2002 09:49 AM