November 10, 2002

Jack is the tow truck driver that towed the BootBus from just south of Gilroy to the Bus Lab in Berkeley. The trip was almost 100 miles so we got to talking...

Stuff about Jack - married for 26 years, 3 kids, youngest is 14. been a tow druck driver for 5+ years...likes it, but hates the hours...on call all the time. It gets old he says.

Stuff we didn't ask about, but is interesting anyway - Jack is gonna divorce his wife in 4 years. Once his youngest son turns 18 and he doesn't have to pay child support to his wife he says he is "outta here...moving to Montana to drive a logging truck for 2 bucks an hour, fish, hunt and chase Indian women"

So he is not happily married, but said he wants to support his children' educational endeavors so they don't have to drive a tow truck like him, he says. He said he got married 26 years ago cuz it seemed "fun". He didn't seem to be living with any regrets, and I hope I am not making it sound like that. He just knows what he wants. He already has bought a plot of land in Montana that he will build his A-frame on (he was in construction in his early years).

The A-Frame Dream - As I mentioned- he already has a 20 acre plot to build his home on. He said he will build the A-frame with a huge open area in the middle so when his family is up, they can talk across the house without a problem. He will also build and deck and room for himself on oneside (so he can retire at night and get some peace and quiet) - and the exact same on the other side so guests have there space as well.

His Attitude: It was refreshingly honest and he always had a smile on his face as he told stories. I thought it was cool that he knew what he wanted from his life and was going for it. And his honesty extended to his wife...he told her that he is going to divorce her when the youngest turns 18. He said that she does not believe him. And he did seem happy - with the smile and the knowing of where he wanted to go in life. For Jack, there is no alternative - he knows what he wants.

Towing Stories: Wow - From turning over semis - pulling up cars from 200 ft cliffs to hauling 49er's fans to Candlestick when their Camper doesn't work, Jack does it all. I could go into more of these, but I gotta run to the buslab in a few minutes.

Jack was another friendly and interesting dude. I feel lucky to have met him and David today

Posted by Sean at November 10, 2002 08:25 PM

Any chance your wife will accompany you, Jack? Sounds great.

Posted by: Mary on November 11, 2002 09:51 AM


Nope - the whole purpose of moving for Jack is to get divorced and into his own thing.

Love you ma,

Posted by: Sean on November 11, 2002 04:17 PM