November 11, 2002
Marko and the BusLab

As mentioned in the previous post, Marko is a partner/owner of the Buslab in Berkeley, CA - on 2036 Blake Street just of Shattuck.

Stuff about the BusLab: It was just started a few months ago by Marko and Steve. Both seem to know a shitload about VW Buses. Heck, Steve already fixed our starter issue a few weeks back. Both of them are entrepreneurs and giving it a good go.

Marko: He is like 6 ft 3 inches and built like a brickhouse. Marko is natively German and you can hear just the slightest German accent while talking to him...but his American English is so good with "Dude" and other slang sayings - that one can barely notice. He is very much into health as I saw him snacking on raw raspberries and green peas from a peapod while he worked. He probably wouldn't look built/fit if he was chucking down Big Macs and fries. Maybe there is a lesson for me there...

Other Stuff: I don't know that much more about him, cuz he was trying to sell me an engine and we did not get personal...but I do sense he and Steve are trustworthy guys and hard workers. He also gives sound advice re: the VW. He layed out our options and when we asked him direct questions, by golly we got a straight answer. It is comforting to skip the bullshit when needed.

Maybe I'll learn more and post it later...

Posted by Sean at November 11, 2002 05:03 PM