November 11, 2002
Radical Berkeley

As we were waiting outside the BusLab today we noticed a stream of young people entering the office next door. They were volunters for a Greenpeace operation. It seemed as though each one of them had some kind of message on their shirts or other symbols of rebellion (which isn't all bad...I remember a message on Ant's machine that says 'without deviation from the norm progress cannot be achieved'). Anyway, later on campus we saw the usual signs and messages that sprout in a counter culture environment. Today was Veteran's Day so the university was mostly closed but it's Berkeley and those folks don't go away.

Reading today's paper I noticed a story about the arrest of the SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army) members from the 70's (they kidnapped Pattie Hearst and did some other unpleasant things). The thought went through my mind that Berkeley has such a history of political demonstration and activism that I can see how some people could get swept up in the whole thing, especially in the 60's / 70's where there was rampant drug use and anti-war demos. So strange to be here when those people are getting re-arrested. One guy is actually being brought from South Africa for a new trial. The members are in their mid-50's now and are mostly reformed, however they killed a person and there is no statute of limitation on murder.

Tomorrow we'll take the camera downtown and capture some pictures of what's going on. We saw some 'in your face' panhandlers today which we'll share with you all soon.

Posted by Nick at November 11, 2002 06:10 PM