November 12, 2002
Evelyne Slomon - Nizza La Bella

Last night joe e and I went out for a few drinks and a feed. He took me to his Monday Night regular place - Nizza La Bella. We sat on the corner of the bar and talked for about 2 hours with Evelyne...

General Stuff about Evelyne: She is a partner/owner of this restaurant with Eleanor. Evelyne is the hostess and Eleanor is the Chef. The restaurant is located in Albany, CA - 825 San Pablo Avenue.

Other random stuff: She is french (born in) with a NY accent, and worked for Andy Warhol at one time.

Her Business: Eleanor and Evelyne (Double E's) started the restaurant 3 years ago just as the tech boom was ending. Business has been a bit slow since the meltdown, but they are still kickin' arse and taking names and shes says they will make it through this. In fact, many of her customers have been coming to her, looking for a job. That's how you know the local economy is bad.

Pizza Expert: Evelyne is an writer for the Magazine Pizza Today - this said, we got into it a bit over who's pizza is better - Chicago or NY (keep in mind that she is from NY) - We agreed that the best thin stuff is in NY, but she conceeded that the best thick stuff is in Chi-town. Yer baby! Victory feels great!

Yeah - so you might wonder, why is she the Pizza Expert?...well she wrote the book on it, litterally.
Pizza Book: Everything There Is to Know...
by Evelyne Slomon.

Her Favorite Pizza: Well, the gentleman that made it, is now dead. But he was based on Coney Island and only opened on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and stayed open until the dough ran out.

How she judges the quality of a pizza: Evelyne said that the best way to test a pizza is to have a slice of sausage pizza. Too many ingrediants can over power the quality of the 'za (though she did say that she loves lots of ingrediants, just not in the eval process). With a sausage pizza, she can taste the quality of:

1 - Dough
2 - Cheese
3 - Tomato Sauce
4 - Sausage

Evelyne was a friendly (I know this is a recurring theme in these profiles - but it's true) and joe e and I felt great as we left the restaurant.

Posted by Sean at November 12, 2002 08:15 AM