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See below to enable it. # 1.1 - Provided for perl style comments in Comment URL Ban list # Removed a loophole where someone could use HTML comments to circumvent the macro # 1.0 - Initial release # # If you want to enable regex matching, uncomment the line below # If you do so, you MUST quote metacharacters (e.g. / ) #$enable_regex = 1; my $list = <<'END_OF_TEXT'; END_OF_TEXT chomp $list; my @lines = split /\r?\n/, $list; $counter = 0; foreach $line (@lines) { $line =~ s/\#.*//; # Strip out comments my ($banned_url) = $line =~ m/^\s*(\S+)/; next if !$banned_url; if ($enable_regex) { print '[[COMMENT SPAM]]' ; } else { print '[[COMMENT SPAM]]'; } } 00000-online-casino.com 0cartoon-sex.com 0livesex.com 0manga-porno.com 0sesso.us 0sessoanale.com 100hgh.com 101pills.com 1pill.com 1st-shemale-sex.com adultfriendfindersite.com affordablerx.com all-gay-porn.us alojamiento-web.ws alta-en-buscadores.ws amateur-porn-gallery.com amateur-site.us amazing-phentermine.com anal-sex-pictures.us 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November 13, 2002
The other white meat - Ribs

After a 12 hour day at Stanford, Nick and I arrived at the Brady's to Rib's from Misha's. Along with salad, potato salad, and corn bread, it was a real treat. Thanks so much!

We also got to watch a show called The Bachelor. After watching this show, we are gonna do something similiar at BootsnAll. Except the Bootboyz are the prize. We'll start taking applications for the girls shortly.

Posted by Sean at November 13, 2002 06:02 PM

The ribs were something special for sure...huge with a spicy sauce just the way you want them. It was our second dinner of the evening but that didn't stop us from getting into them.

The Bachelor was a show I had not seen before but all I can say is this is tailor made for the women at Travelers Tales. There's one guy and a whole posse of chicks and he's sucking face with all of them then saying he can't quite feel something. I want to slap him. I' m thinking of paying Brandon Dane to go and drain the brake fluid out of his SUV. I mean don't you just hate other guys who are successful, rich, good looking, on tv with 35 GIRLFRIENDS!!!???

Posted by: Nick on November 14, 2002 08:44 AM

Can we have ribs for lunch?

After all, I still have Sean's Visa card and I know a good barbecue here in Richmond. Probably a bit more authentic than the so-called barbecue served in "shallow Alto"

Posted by: Joe on November 14, 2002 09:34 AM

Joe - now I am a really nice person, most of the time, but am a terrible enemy to have. Don't be slammin my ribs. First of all, I do not live in shallow Alto. I live in Redwood City, a diverse town with some of the best Mexican food on the Peninsula. Secondly, Michas smokes their ribs for hours, makes their own sauce, and they are to die for - just ask any of the 8 people who porked out on them last night!

Posted by: Susan on November 14, 2002 09:55 AM

"some of the best Mexican food on the Peninsula" whoa! Now THERE'S an award!

How are the pom frittes with aoili? (heh!)

OK, so you live in Redwood City, not Palo Alto, so you are off the hook for now. But watch your step, or I will send back the Boots Boys to stay with you FOR A WEEK!

Posted by: Joe on November 14, 2002 10:05 AM

Hey that's pommes frites to you Joe. And the boys are welcome any ol' time. I say this, just in case I want to go to Bali and have a place to stay. Seems only fair that I should open up my home to them if they are willing to do the same. Maybe we can all compare culinary oddities in Bali with them sometime.

Posted by: susan on November 14, 2002 02:20 PM

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