November 14, 2002
Speaking gig at Stanford

Yesterday afternoon at around 4.20pm Sean and I were getting ready to pack up when an Asian student named Jai appeared and asked us if we would like to speak at the East Asian house at 6pm. He told us that we could talk about certain travel related issues, health, ticket deals etc but could not hand out any promotional stuff.

So at 5pm we pack up and drive to the place at 5.30pm. THe house had a security system which meant we had to wait for other people to get in. After finding Jai's room we got to talk to him, he was napping and didn't bother to get up, telling us to hang out in the cafeteria. The evening's food was being prepared and not wanting to waste a good opportunity Sean approached the people in charge and said "Can we eat?" They were a bit nervous about this and Sean replied "We're speaking here and would like to eat. Is that okay?" After being told it's not really open to outsiders Sean persisted, "We'd like to eat, do you mind?" I was proud of him - he didn't give up and we walked away with a plate of fish and rice, pretty good.

6pm rolled around and people sat down to eat. Jai came in and ignored us, sitting at the table with several other Asian students. At about 6.20pm he comes over to me and says, "You can start now if you want". I asked where we would be and he told me to stand in front of the main table and go for it. Looking around I saw 20-25 young Asian students all getting into their this kid crazy?

After a moment's discussion Sean and I made a speedy exit in the revamped Bootbus. Thanks for the fish.

This morning I'm thinking of going down to McDonalds, standing up in the middle of the place and start talking about independent travel, what do you think?

Posted by Nick at November 14, 2002 08:53 AM

Go for it, Nick!!!!

Posted by: Mary on November 14, 2002 09:38 AM

Maybe we could start a new lecture circuit! I often deliver impassioned pleas for sanity in the local taquerias.

Posted by: Ken on November 21, 2002 01:19 PM