January 07, 2003
Oil Change - etc.

I took the BootBus in Springfield German Auto yesterday for an oil change and valve adjustment. With this done - the bus is back to every 3000 miles. This was the 1000 m,ile check-up on the new engine....which is working like a charms so far (knock on wood) - We can actually comfortably go 65 mpg now.

While I was waiting, I picked a guage so that our oil temperature reader would work as well as a new rubber for the sliding side door since our was trashed.

Other stuff - the bus is cold as Alaska so far this winter - the heat does eventually some - but at very low doses.

Coming up - End of January - BootBus in Seattle and Portland for Rolf Poots Book Tour.

Posted by Sean at January 07, 2003 12:29 PM

I seen the bootbus today when I took Matilda (my 69 bay window) into Springfield German in to have her valves adjusted... about your heating problems you can do a few things to help that... I have an in line booster fan in my heating duct which forces the warm air up into the cabin at a much faster rate than the normal usless little puffs. and I also noticed that you dont have any inside apholstry panels... insulate and install those and make sure all your rubber door seals are good and the Bootbus should keep you toasty in the winter time.

Posted by: bluezzy on June 5, 2003 09:48 AM