January 30, 2003
Stephen King's Christine?

On Monday I drove up to Seattle to attend Rolf Potts' first book event. It's slow going cruising up I-5 and the weather was rather inclement.

When stopped for gas in Albany, OR, the bus would stall every time I took the foot off the accelerator. It would start up again fine, but when I braked before pulling out the gas station, it stalled.

Later on, in Washington, I was thinking about this and remembered the first time Sean and I drove the BootBus down from Portland to Eugene and the bus would not start again after we stopped for gas.

I voiced concern about this happening again to Jen Leo who was travelling with me. The very second I said it, the speedometer quit working. So did the odometer. The speedo sat on zero mph and the odometer froze. Weird. Perhaps the BootBus was listening to me doubting its ability to perform and decided to teach me a lesson.

At the next gas stop, I pulled out the idiot's guide to see if I could fix it. I needed to remove the hub cap from the left front wheel but I didn't have a flat head screwdriver (my Leatherman could not get enough leverage).

So I went all the way to Seattle and back not knowing exactly how fast I was going. No big deal from a speeding perspective as there was no way I could go faster than the posted speed limit on the highway.

I'll attempt to fix the problem this weekend now that I've borrowed a screwdriver.

Posted by Chris at January 30, 2003 01:10 PM


You need to speed the idle up that we talked about - with a screw driver...if it is stalling while you take your foot of the gas....remember at the Train Station we looked at it?

Posted by: Sean on January 31, 2003 01:09 AM

Yeah, I remember. But it's not doing it all the time. Just that once and then not again for a long time (weeks). Very inconsistent.

Posted by: Chris on February 17, 2003 06:41 PM