June 06, 2003
BootBus makes it to Portland, Oregon

The BootBus finally made it up to Portland, Oregon on June 5th, after being in the shop for 3 weeks in Eugene, Oregon. It followed the Bootboyz as they moved up to Portland, Oregon.

So if you saw us in Portland, and are wondering what is the BootBus all about....

Some Factoids
The BootBus is the official vehicle of the BootsnAll Travel Network.

The Bus was bought in December of 2001 for $500 US and it was rusty blue.

The guys that drive in it, are the guys that run the websites that make up the BootsnAll Travel Network (BTN). The BTN are a bunch of websites about travel...mostly independent minded travel. Like folks that want to fuck off there jobs and travel around the world for a while, folks that love to travel and talk about it, and loads of travel resources to help plan your trip (and to do it cheaply!)

So we are excited to move to the city of Portland and meet our neighbors in the Sabin/Irvington district. Tommorrow, we are having a party at our new house to meet our neighbors and new friends in Portland and what do you know, a few old friends from Eugene are coming up to warn the new BootsnAll HQ up. If you want to stop by, please do and say hello. We love to hear about you and your travel stories...

Other Bus Maintainence News

The Bootbus has been in the shop for the past few weeks....yes, I know it soudns unbelievable considering it's sturdy history. The camhaft or something like that went bad and when the folkd at SpringField German Auto were doing a final oil change before our move to Portland, they found massive chunks of the engine in the oil bin. Bad news it was. But, all is good now and I expect to drive a few 100 thousand miles on this transmission and engine.

Posted by Sean at June 06, 2003 09:54 PM